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The National Development and Reform Commission has tightened the overseas financing

release time:2016.04.14 view count:1272

This week, for real estate companies, it has been a bit difficult.

In the context of CDB's tightening of the examination and approval of the shed, the real estate stocks in the last two trading days have fallen sharply, and the good news of the central bank's release of 700 billion yuan has been hedged. The housing leaks coincided with the night rain. On June 27, the National Development and Reform Commission said that it would restrict the real estate enterprises' foreign debt funds from investing in domestic and foreign real estate projects.

It is reported that the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Notice on Improving the Market Constraint Mechanism to Strictly Prevent Foreign Debt Risk and Local Debt Risk".

Regarding the background issued by the Notice, the National Development and Reform Commission said that it noticed that some enterprises, especially real estate and local government financing platforms, have increased the scale of foreign debt issuance. "The ratings of these companies are uneven. Some operating incomes and profits are not high, and their own strength is limited. However, the scale of foreign debts applied for registration and registration is too large. It is worth 50,000 to 600 million US dollars, or even billions of dollars. It does not match its own strength. Some lack the ability to repay loans with the project's own income. Some enterprises have weaker ability to withstand exchange rate fluctuations because they do not have a source of foreign exchange earnings."