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The high-turning hot real estate circle behind the assembly can not be ignored

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On April 12th, a file circulation network from Country Garden was filled with anxiety and doubts in the real estate circle. Housing companies are anxious that “when you are still proud of the ‘9 months opening, others are already pursuing ‘5 months’ opening!”, questioning the quality of construction under extreme high turnover. Everyone is busy with anxiety and doubt, but ignores the behind-the-scenes hero who helps Country Garden to achieve high turnover.

Pursuing high turnover is helpless and more innovative

In this outflow document, the leading real estate company has extremely strict requirements for the high turnover of the project, which requires the project to be shortened from land acquisition to opening cycle to 5 months or even shorter. In some projects, even the land to be opened in 3 months is only 1/3 of the average speed of the industry. Some measures to speed up the turnover rate are even more astounding: "It is recommended to cancel the planners, and the project will always be reported. The project will not be waiting for the map, and the next day, the drawings will be completed and the report will be completed on the same day. ......"

These requirements sound almost crazy, but there is a helplessness for the housing company. Real estate has always been greatly affected by policy and finance. As the stocks of the 3rd and 4th lines are nearing completion, the financial sector is gradually changing its face. The loan cycle is now slow due to the impact of policies and the tightening of funds. For capital-intensive real estate development, time is money, and a day after opening a day, it may cost hundreds of thousands. This is why even if it is a leading house, it is also eager for high turnover.

However, it should not be overlooked that the high turnover of housing enterprises is a helplessness to adapt to the financial environment, and it is also a self-excavation innovation. For the high turnover of real estate enterprises, Ding Zuyu (microblogging blog), CEO of Yiju (blog) enterprise group, said: China's housing companies with more than 100 million yuan need high turnover. "It should be appreciated for the high turnover itself. Because of the high turnover, most of the projects in China today are considered to be good projects. The problems of real estate more than ten years ago have passed the large-scale operation and high turnover of this year. Standardized operation and systematic operation have been solved."

Assembly tips behind high turnover

The main questioning point for the high turnover of Country Garden is focused on the quality of the building. Especially for the main body of the building, if the project volume is large, the five-month delivery period is simply “the speed of life and death”. If you follow the limit speed of opening the land for 3 months, some large-area wall concrete is not completely hardened! The traditional cast-in-place concrete construction method can only express this speed: "Chenchen can't do it!"

Innovation can achieve high turnover. From the learning papers of Country Garden, it is vaguely found that the high-turning support is the “class-like” construction mode called “SSGF”. Moreover, Country Garden, as the leader of housing enterprises, has been continuously exploring in the field of fabricated buildings:

"Country Garden SSGF industrialized construction system is different from traditional construction methods. Based on the industrialization of assembly, cast-in-place, electromechanical and internal equipment, mechanical production replaces manual labor, and the development speed is comprehensively improved from the aspects of construction method, management, technology and materials.

From the current stage, SSGF replaces the traditional formwork with an aluminum mold, and still uses the cast-in-place process. There are some differences between the process of installing the prefabricated parts and the on-site operation of the prefabricated parts. However, SSGF construction finished products have higher precision, better quality effect, and shorter construction period, saving time, labor and management costs. The combination of SSGF and prefabricated components in the future enables SSGF+PC components+assembled interiors to meet the evaluation requirements of 50% prefabrication rate specified in the “Assembly Building Evaluation Standards”. Industrialization of buildings is the only way to transform and upgrade the construction industry. At this stage, SSGF is an important way to transition from cast-in-place to fabricated construction.

From the domestic and international differences in fabricated buildings, the three major causes of earthquakes, climate and policies have led to differences in fabricated buildings at home and abroad. There are many different structural systems in the prefabricated buildings in developed countries. For example, ordinary houses in Japan are mostly light steel structures or wood structures. Urban high-rise buildings are mainly made of steel structures or prefabricated frames and prefabricated external wall hanging boards. It is a pre-made shear wall structure system for affordable housing. China has a vast territory. In the process of the development of prefabricated buildings, there will inevitably be a situation in which multiple structural systems coexist. In addition, the large scale of China's market is an advantage that other countries do not have. Therefore, we are learning When constructing foreign structural systems and technical means, we must carry out digestion and absorption and innovation and development, and improve and flexibly apply various structural systems and technical systems. ”

Prefabricated building

Country Garden's "SSGF" is just an incomplete assembly style. SSGF can support the amazing speed of Country Garden, making people more imaginative about the high-turning "perfect puzzle" of the assembly building.

For the “high turnover” of housing enterprises, the most happy thing seems to be the fabricated construction industry. Compared with traditional construction methods, the labor required for fabricated steel structure buildings can be reduced by 30%, the total construction period is reduced by 30%, and construction waste can be reduced by more than 80%. In recent years, the state has intensively introduced prefabricated building planning, policies and supporting measures to accelerate the development of fabricated buildings. All over the country have responded to the assembly policy, and the prefabricated buildings have entered a favorable rising channel. Taking the recently announced “Planning Outline of Hebei Xiong'an New District” as an example, Article 7 clearly states: “We must adhere to green development, adopt advanced technology to construct sewage and garbage disposal systems, increase the proportion of green transportation and public transportation, and promote super Low-energy buildings, and prefabricated buildings are undoubtedly the way to build greener, more energy-efficient, and more convenient to construct the pipe network.

More importantly, the prefabricated building perfectly matches the needs of the “high turnover” of the housing company. It has the characteristics of better quality, safer structure and more energy-saving insulation. Since various building components of the house are produced in batches in the factory, they are no longer limited by on-site construction conditions and are built faster. Moreover, with professional technical support and inspection, the accuracy of building component parts has increased by an order of magnitude, and the building quality is naturally much better. The design principle of the prefabricated house is to separate the structural system from the equipment piping system, which facilitates the maintenance and modification of the residential life cycle. There is no need to damage the main structure, so the house is safer. The external wall insulation board of the cast-in-place structure is generally external insulation, and if the material or construction process is not closed, there is a fire hazard and it is easy to fall off from the outer wall surface. Prefabricated external walls can prefabricate the thermal insulation board in the concrete, which not only has good fireproof performance, but also has no problem of falling off, and can maintain the same life as the main structure.

Matching high turnover, assembly can also do better

For the high-turning “perfect puzzle” of assembly, more housing companies seem to be still on the sidelines. Most of them only test water in individual projects, and many of them are still playing a word game between "assembly rate" and "PC rate", in response to the continuous assembly building policy.

Prefabricated buildings do not have the advantage of “high turnover”. In fact, there are more places to do better:

Cost: From the "construction-type construction project consumption quota" published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, as a higher-tech construction method, the construction cost of the prefabricated building is inevitably higher than the traditional construction method. Regardless of the assembly rate used, the construction cost will increase. Excluding labor and construction factors, construction costs will generally rise by about 15%. This is self-evident for the housing companies that originally looked at the capital chain. According to the research of the prefabricated buildings in Country Garden, compared with the common cast-in-place structure, the integrated materials technology, management, labor, engineering facilities and transportation and environment, construction period, taxation and other factors, according to the project prefabrication rate Different, the cost of prefabricated buildings will be 9%-40% higher, but these are the temporary difficulties encountered in the rapid development of fabricated buildings. For the cost bottleneck of prefabricated buildings, Country Garden believes that the implementation of the EPC general contracting model is an effective way to reduce costs, improve work efficiency and improve quality.